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Aaron's spammy comment

Aye, that’s great Arron.  I love those posts too.

The one you commented on: “Which service microdata should I use?” is certainly likely to achieve the same low level of interest and deliberation from both sexes, so it certainly fits your criteria for a post you love.

I like that you thanked me for allowing you to comment too.  All too rare that – too many people taking their commenting ability for granted these days.

Let’s see what you’re up to then…

Okay – I’m not going to link to these pages for obvious reasons, but Arron’s profile link takes you to a profile on for user Lydia Shumaker.

Lydia's profile

Follow that “My web blog” link at the bottom, and we go to:

Load of nonsense

A post about the “factors you should consider prior to you opt for a skip bin hire business” on an arabic article marketing site.

The one link in the body copy isn’t mucking about with it’s anchor text of “black bins” pointing to these guys:

skip spam

The trail ends there. I’ve seen the Sopranos and I’m not mucking about with people in waste management.

Cheers for the comment though.

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