Edinburgh’s Traffic Accidents In 2014. On a map.

By 19th July 2016Blog

Here are a couple of maps based on data from a freedom of information request I submitted in November last year.

Similar to a map I put together for my hometown of Glenrothes earlier in 2015, but Edinburgh council were a bit stingier with the related information….

Anyway – these maps use the 2014 dataset – and plot the co-ordinates of the accidents.   If you click on a dot you’ll be able to see how serious the accident was, but not much else!

Here’s a heatmap based on the same data – nothing surprising, but always nice to get a bit of confirmation that your local roundabout is an accident hotspot, and that a lot of people don’t expect the M8 to end.


  • Michael says:

    > and that a lot of people don’t expect the M8 to end.
    The dots are plotted on the westbound side of the M8 – but I’m gonna guess that’s bad plotting. It seems odd otherwise. This is a really cool map! Cheers. 🙂

    • Mark says:

      Maybe they don’t expect it to start? 🙂 Data is from the police records, though it is converted from their old-school ordnance survey Easting/Northing into Long/Lat so Google understands it – that seems to be a pretty accurate process, so it’s all down to the police – not sure what criteria they need to meet when recording the location as there’s probably a fair bit of variation between where it happens and where cars end up….

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