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By 17th July 2018Blog

It’s been a while since I actually built websites from scratch, back when I set up Media Chimps (long ago) I was building them from the ground up (mainly Magento e-commerce and the now very rickety Joomla) and learning loads while I did, then when we founded Page North we focussed on WordPress sites.

After that I became something more of a specialised website mechanic – as Head of SEO at Ambergreen in Edinburgh I was responsible for all the structural and performance tweaks and modifications that get visibility for websites – it was rare that I worked on something new, and even then I’d be focused on the information architecture (the sitemap basically) trying to ensure a site would target key searches as soon as it went live.

After a couple of years of optimisation I moved into Facebook advertising (which is where I currently am) – spending my time building out Facebook ad strategies for established websites in order to drive traffic and conversions (and building the technical parts of FB into sites to enable retargeting and measurement etc.)

Building Websites

So – the long and short is that I quite miss building websites.  The experience I now have working with a lot of major companies on their sites means I have a bucket-load more knowledge that I can pour into putting them together now too.  I can implement those national learnings at a local level.

So I figured I’d do some part-time.

That’ll let me do a little work each day on the train back and forth to Edinburgh, and the occasional evening if necessary.

Realistically, I don’t think this will appeal to many established businesses who will want to have office hours support and immediate changes and updates.

But if you’re in the market for a new site and you don’t mind the fact that I’ll be working in my spare-time (within agreed deadlines of course), then it might be worth getting in touch.

I intend to be very transparent about any pricing and we can discuss lead based commission pricing if you’d prefer to do things that way.

Obviously I’ll have pretty limited capacity for this – so drop me a line just now using the form below with some notes on your business and your ideas for what you want your website to achieve and I’ll get back to you then.

I’ll let you know realistically how long each aspect of getting your site live will take, and what’s optional/best practice/necessary etc.

Let’s see how it goes.

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